Roman Treasures

5 hours

8 Km




Your visit shall start in Monturque, a little village situated at the geographical centre of Andalusia. In the distance, you can appreciate white houses and a big tower on top of the hill. Then, you can visit the Local Museum of History. Our guides, Iris and Francisco, will welcome and guide you through the Museum. Discover the bust of Hermes!


Later, you may go to Saint Raphael Cemetery to go down and visit the Roman Cisterns,a breath-taking roman construction: the biggest and best preserved cisterns in Spain as well as the onlyones opened to the public. You will be impressed without a doubt.


Next stop, Mirador de losPaseíllos, a natural viewpoint to enjoy the panoramic view overlooking the landscape. In here we find the Cryptoporticus, another roman archeological site. Enjoy and take beautiful pictures!


First thing to do in Puente Genil is visiting the Roman Villa of Fuente Álamo. There, María and Álvaro will tell you the details of this Hispanic-roman villa surrounded by nature. Don’t miss the explanations about the great mosaics of the Three Graces and The fight of Bacchus.


We want to show you something more: walk along Aguilar Street until The Purest Conception’s Sanctuary. Go inside and enjoy the baroque plasterwork which decorates the whole temple. Then, take Cuesta Romero ramp. The impressive façade of Purification’s Church is waiting to be seen.


You cannot leave Puente Genil without visiting the Union’s bridge. Have a walk through Don Gonzalo Street, heading up Genil River. At the end of the street, the Plaza Nacional is situated. From here, enjoy the views overlooking the river and the bridge. Once you cross the bridge, a very sweet smell will head you to Miragenil bakery. It is time to delight yourself.


To finish, come back taking this beautiful street, Antonio Baena Street, where the lordly house “Torre Casa de las Ariza” is situated.